Why Uncommon Cents Investing

All Financial advisors are not created equal. What is it that sets us apart and why should you consider working with us?

  • We are a fee-only Registered Investment Advisory Firm. That means we are not affiliated by any parent company. We are completely independent and registered directly with the SEC
  • We are paid by fees we earn from our clients, not commissions from products we sell.
  • Experience goes a long way in our industry. John has been managing money of his own for over 50 years and working with clients for over 35. Sheena has extensive education, including the CFP designation, and over 12 years of working in the financial industry.
  • We take a hands-on approach to money management. All of our account management and research is done in house, not by a third party.
  • We answer our own phones. Services is of the utmost importance!
  • We give comprehensive advice. A financial plan can’t only be about investing, it’s also about all other factors of your financial life. Please see ‘Services’ for more information. 
  • We are fiduciaries. This means that we must act in your best interest
  • We do not take on clients unless we can improve their situation and we do not have account minimums
  • When you come to our office, you might be greeted by a dog
  • Education is a priority. We provide many opportunities for you to learn more about investing and finance through events, email newsletters, our radio show, and one on one contact.
  • We are happy to work with other professionals in your life in order to deliver our best advice: attorneys, account, family members, etc.
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