Our Services

Uncommon Cents Investing focuses on creating and managing wealth using time-tested, in-house strategies, tailored to each client’s unique situation.

Although we specialize in investments, we take a comprehensive approach and like to address insurance needs, debt management, estate planning, tax considerations, real estate, business planning, social security, health care, lifestyle factors, employer retirement plans, etc.

We expect our clients to use us as a resource for all financial concerns!

Investment and Wealth Management Services

AMMP! is our solution to money management. It’s a highly customized program that is tailored to each individual. Our clients have various goals and intentions for their investments and it is up to us to create and manage a portfolio that aligns with those desires.


Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

Are you an employer looking to start a retirement plan for your employee’s benefit? We can help. Contact us to learn more.


We do not charge for the initial introduction consultation for those who are interested in meeting or becoming clients. If interested in becoming a client, we would love that! Fees will be discussed in detail before entering into a relationship with us.

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