Our Services

Uncommon Cents Investing focuses on creating and managing wealth using time-tested, in-house strategies, tailored to each client’s unique situation.

We help individuals, families, and businesses who have the desire to grow their wealth. Many times the people we work with understand the importance of a long term vision, the concept of risk and reward, and like to take advantage of good opportunities. They often are goal oriented, like to see results, and are cost-conscious. Ultimately, we work with smart people who want to delegate the task of managing their investments and other financial decisions.

Although we specialize in investments, we take a comprehensive approach and always address insurance needs, debt management, estate planning, tax considerations, and lifestyle factors.*

Here is a detailed list of what we have to offer:

Investment and Wealth Management Services

We manage advisory accounts on a discretionary basis. For discretionary accounts, once we have determined a profile and investment plan with a client, we will execute the day to day transactions without seeking prior client consent. Account supervision is guided by the written profile and investment plan of the client. We may accept accounts with certain restrictions if circumstances warrant. We primarily allocate client assets among various mutual funds, equities and debt securities in accordance with their stated investment objectives. 

Once we have determined the types of investments to be included in your portfolio and allocated them, we will provide ongoing investment review and management services.  This approach requires us to periodically review your portfolio.  

We provide investment management for all types of accounts. This may include, but is not limited to: Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), Trusts, Estates, Individual and Joint accounts

Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

For employer-sponsored retirement plans with participant-directed investments, we provide advisory or consulting services as an ERISA 3(21) fiduciary. Depending on the type of plan and the services needed we may provide the following support:

  • Employee Education
  • Participant Enrollement
  • Plan Search/Vendor Analysis
  • Investment Recommendations
  • Investment Monitoring
  • Model Portfolios
  • Plan Fee identification and benchmarking


We also provide clients investment advice on a more-limited basis on one-or-more isolated areas of concern such as estate planning, real estate, retirement planning, or any other specific topic. Additionally, we provide advice on non-securities matters about the rendering of estate planning, insurance, real estate, and/or annuity advice or any other business advisory / consulting services for equity or debt investments in privately held businesses. Pricing on this service is per hour and charge is based off of complexity of the project, see below. For existing clients, fees may be waived.


We do not charge for the initial introduction meeting for those who are interested in meeting or becoming clients.

  • Investment and Wealth management: based on account size, .50-1.2%
  • Retirement Plans: 0.25%-1% charged to the employer or the employee
  • Consulting (for non-clients): $100- $200 per hour

* When a client qualifies for our investment management services, we have the ability to build and manage the account in-house, eliminating the middle man that comes with an extra expense. Fees can make a tremendous difference when it comes to building and maintaining wealth and we try to keep the cost of doing business at a minimum while providing a customized solution.