Managed Account Program

The Managed Account Program is our specialty service that sets us apart! Most people are familiar with investing in packaged products offered by investment and insurance companies. Some can often be very costly, limit control, under perform, and eliminate the ability to cut losses for the purpose of tax planning.

With the Managed Account Program, we ‘cut out the middle man’ and customize a portfolio using individual stocks that we research and monitor. Our theory is to buy value stocks to lessen volatility, have a good mix of industries to diversify, and most importantly, keep costs low. Sounds pretty simple, but it’s quite sophisticated and difficult for the average investor to implement on their own.

Only certain individuals qualify for the Managed Account Program. Those people have a certain amount of assets to invest, the ability to understand risk, and have a long-term mentality.

Contact us today to see if this program might be right for you. We would love to explain further and help you get started!

*Diversification, does not guarantee positive results.  Loss, including loss of principal, may occur.

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