Investment Approach

A primary concern of investment planning is wealth accumulation, which is what we specialize in. For most people the pecking order for creating wealth is as follows:

  1. Employer sponsored plans, such as a 401k, Simple IRA or SEP, 403b or 457
  2. Roth or Traditional IRA
  3. College Savings
  4. Non-qualified investing (non-retirement)

Other financial concerns that may need to be addressed are: term life insurance, long term care, retirement income strategies, estate planning, tax concerns, etc. We will usually collaborate with your attorney or tax professional as needed. Financial planning does not need to be complex to be effective, but you want to make sure everything gets covered and aligns with your goals.

Uncommon Cents Investing Principles

*When it feels like the worst time to be investing, it is often the best

*Inflation and taxes are enemies of building wealth

*The earlier you start, the better

*Buy investments at good prices and hold onto them

*A good investing strategy is often boring in the short term, but exciting in the long-term